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Our decorative, stamped curbing is on the cutting edge of landscape design. Concrete curbing is a professionally installed, permanent, attractive concrete border edging that provides great additions and solutions to any landscape and serves as a weed and grass barrier by outlining flowerbeds. We have many patterns including brick, stone and slate textures. Our stamped curbing comes in a wide variety of colors.

Why should you get curbing?

  • More economical and durable than traditional lawn edging.
  • Successful root barrier
  • Multiple colors and design options
  • Design flexibility including flowing curves, straight lines and custom shapes
  • Reduces edging and trimming time
  • Most jobs completed in one day
  • Professional appearance add value to your property
  • Existing landscape not disturbed
  • Continuous curbing
  • Will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic or move like brick.

Customize Your Landscaping With Stamped Curbing